Programming a Chevy Key Fob

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Searching for information on Chevy key fob programming? At Andean Chevrolet in Cumming, GA, we’re here to help! We not only provide a wide range of new Chevy vehicles to meet every customer’s need, but also quality service to match. More specifically, our service team is here to help you out with any issues you may be experiencing related to your Chevy key fob. Whether you want to learn how to program your key fob by yourself or are having issues with your key fob battery, you can read on to learn more!



Chevy Key Fob Battery Issues, Programming & Replacement

From diagnosing issues with your Chevy Malibu key fob to replacing the battery on your Chevy Equinox key fob to helping you order or program your Chevy remote start key fob, we are here to assist you with all your Chevy key fob programming and Chevy key fob replacement requests.

Want to learn how to program your Chevy key fob yourself? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Program a Chevy Key Fob Step-By-Step

  1. Use your Chevy’s key to physically unlock it from the outside (don’t use the key fob unlock button).
  2. Ensure that all of your vehicle’s doors (including the trunk) are fully closed.
  3. Hold down both the unlock button on your driver’s side door and your key fob unlock button at the same time. While
    you’re doing that, insert your key into the ignition, and turn it to the “on” position (your lights and radio should
    turn on, but you don’t want to start the vehicle).
  4. Continue to hold the unlock button on your driver’s side door. Then, promptly turn the key to the “off” position.
    Repeat this procedure once more (On – Off – On – Off).
  5. Release the unlock button on your driver’s side door.
  6. When you complete Step 5, you should hear your Chevy’s door locks engage and disengage. You’re now ready to begin
    programming your Chevy key fob.
  7. Hold the “unlock” and “lock” buttons concurrently until you can hear the locks engage and disengage. If you hear
    this, it means you’ve been successful at programming! 
  8. To finalize programming your Chevy key fob, all you need to do is put the key into the ignition once more and set
    it to the “on” position. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Your Chevy’s Technology

Need more help with your Chevy key fob or something else, like garage door opener programming or connecting to Chevy WiFi? Contact us online for additional, prompt service from one of our highly-qualified Chevy brand experts. Whether you need a Chevy key fob replacement, have questions about your Chevy remote start key fob or teen driver safety features, we can assist. Alternately, schedule your next service from the comfort of home! Either way, we’ll be happy to help!



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