Chevrolet Dashboard Warning Light Symbols & Meanings Explained

Dashboard warning lights

Part of being a good driver includes knowing how to monitor the overall functioning of your vehicle. Luckily, the Chevrolet dashboard symbols allow your Chevy to communicate its health. In the following guide, we’ll detail the Chevy dashboard lights and the meanings of these symbols, so you can better understand what your vehicle is telling you. Should any of these Chevrolet warning lights illuminate on your next drive, you’ll know what to do!

What Does the Warning Light on My Chevy Dashboard Mean?

Dashboard warning symbols simply tell you what’s going on with your Chevy. While an issue with your vehicle can be stressful, knowing what the Chevrolet warning lights mean can help you remain calm and quickly respond to the notification. Contact our helpful Chevrolet service center with any questions regarding your dashboard warning lights. Here’s a look at some of the most Chevy dashboard lights and meanings.

Common Chevy Warning Light Symbols & Meanings Explained

Chevy Charging System Light

Denoted by a plus and minus sign inside a battery shaped icon, this symbol means your battery is not generating enough charge. Time for inspection or replacement!

Chevy Tire Pressure Monitor Light

This particular dashboard warning symbols looks like an exclamation point inside a horseshoe. The tire pressure monitor light means one or more of your tires is below the recommended PSI. Inspect your tires and inflate them to proper PSI!

Chevy Windshield Washer Fluid Light

This light looks like a little fountain on a windshield shaped icon. It simply indicates that your washer fluid level is low and needs refilling.

Chevy Brake System Light

A circled exclamation point means that something is up with your brake system. Get your brakes inspected, as they may need replacement.

Chevy Coolant Temperature Light

The coolant temperature icon illuminates when your engine is overheating; it looks like a line with three notches in a ripple of water. Allow the vehicle to cool down before continuing, and be sure to schedule a service appointment.

Chevy Malfunction Indicator Light

This Chevrolet dashboard warning symbol looks like the outline of an engine. It is a general indicator that an element of your engine is not functioning properly. Be sure to contact our service department should this illuminate.

Schedule Service If Your Chevrolet Dashboard Lights Come On

Hopefully you’ve found this guide helpful in explaining the meaning of your various Chevy dashboard warning lights and symbols. Did we miss the warning light you’re currently seeing? For more answers to questions surrounding Chevrolet warning lights and meanings, the Andean Chevrolet service center is here to help you and get you scheduled for any necessary services!

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