Who Founded Chevrolet?

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The Chevy Motor Car company was founded by William C. Durant and Louis Chevrolet on November 3, 1911 in Detroit, Michigan. A recently oswisusted founder of General Motors who was trying to pick up the pieces during the financial crisis of 1911, William C. Durant was the businessman. Louis Chevrolet was the visionary, a Swiss race car driver and automotive engineer. Together, they created one of the major brands of the 20th century.

We encourage drivers to continue reading on for a captivating Chevrolet history lesson from Andean Chevrolet in Cumming, GA. We’ll go into more depth answering questions like, “Who founded Chevrolet?”, “When was Chevrolet founded?” and, “Who owns Chevrolet today?”



When Was Andean Chevrolet Founded?

Coincidentally, Chevrolet was founded the same year that the Indy-500 debuted: 1911. It was also the same year Orville set another world record in flight, a landmark year for mobility. Learn more about the early years of Chevrolet history below:

  • 1918: William Durant orchestrated a reverse merger with Chevrolet and GM in order to reseat himself as the
    president of GM. 
  • 1919: Durant was ousted again and replaced by Alfred Sloan, who designated Chevrolet as the volume leader
    in the General Motor family. Chevrolet’s credo became “A car for every purse and every purpose.” 
  • 1929: Chevrolet usurped Ford’s claim to “best-selling car in the U.S.”

Where Was the First Chevrolet Factory?

Located in Flint, Michigan at the corner of Wilcox and Kearsley Street, the first Chevy factor neighbored Kettering University. This site is now known as the “Chevy Commons.”

Where Does the Chevy Logo Come From?

The Chevy logo was first implemented in the design of the H Series Baby Grand and Royal Mail models, as well as on the Light Six L Series model.

The Chevy logo was first used in 1914 on the H Series Baby Grand and Royal Mail models, as well as on the Light Six L Series model. Originally named the bowtie emblem, the Chevy logo really looks like an italicized plus sign. How did Chevy’s somewhat cryptic emblem originate? There are 3 popular theories:

  • William C. Durant appropriated the design from some wallpaper he saw in a French Hotel room. 
  • It’s a reimagining of the Swiss Cross, a nod to Louis Chevrolet’s origins. 
  • It’s based on the Coalettes coal company. 

Who Owns Chevrolet Today?

General Motors continues to own Chevrolet to this day, and Chevrolet continues to be its volume leader!

Experience Current Chevy Models at Andean Chevrolet

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